Peaceful Village program celebrates diversity

Faven Mergia, team leader of The Peaceful Village at Fort Richmond Collegiate and Acadia Junior High fires up excitement.

Her group is inviting everyone to a free Celebration of Diversity on April 11 at 5 p.m. in the Acadia Junior High gymnasium (175 Killarney Ave.).

The theme of the event is Voices of the Village… celebration of diversity. This is significant at a time when the atmosphere is heated with negative rhetoric.

Invitees will “discover traditional colours and textures of multicultural costumes, unique flavours of the world,” as well as visual arts and crafts demonstrations.

The Peaceful Village is a place where newcomer youths are empowered academically and engaged creatively through hands-on skills acquisition. The program also provides an avenue for them to complete academic courses and develop leadership skills in addition to connecting students to each other and to their schools in the hope of helping them “attend and complete post-secondary education/training.”

The program caters to students from both FRC and Acadia Junior High and enables helps students to participate in different cultural and artistic projects, such as African drumming, guitar, spoken word poetry, dance, music, theatre, cooking and sports.

It has different workshops every week on topics such as girls’ empowerment, boys’ academic success, and healthy relationships.

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