From pilot project to sustained success, Five innovative approaches receive ongoing support

When Winnipeggers like you support United Way, it has far reaching effects. It represents stability for an essential network of over 100 agencies, programs and partnerships. It also means United Way can seek out and support new and innovative programs and strategies that allow existing and new partners to respond to changing and emerging needs within our community.

In fact, five partners whose programs started with time-limited funding recently received news that they had been approved for sustained support, all thanks to you:

  • The Manitoba School Improvement Program – supports high schools in their efforts to help students do better academically.
  • Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization of Manitoba (IRCOM) – provides services to newcomer families, including transitional housing, literacy classes, youth programs and more.
  • Spence Neighbourhood Association – works with people in the Spence community to renew and revitalize their neighbourhood.
  • African Communities of Manitoba – provides support and services to people of African heritage living in Manitoba and works promote understanding between all communities.
  • Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba (MDAM) – provides support to those affected by mood disorders, along with their families, friends, caregivers and supporters.

In the case of MDAM this ongoing support will keep an innovative program developed for youth who are experiencing mental health challenges going for another year.

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