A fun-filled family night at the Peaceful Village

Everyone enjoyed the peace and ease at the Peaceful Village family night at Fort Richmond Collegiate on Nov. 24 as relationships were fostered and friendships solidified.

The event brought friends and family together in a ‘friendly village setting’ that set the proper stage for kids and their families to connect with others as well as enjoy great entertainment, delicious food and even discuss important school and community issues that affect students, caregivers, and families.

I was privileged to talk briefly about the beauty and blessings of living in Canada, where opportunities abound. I also encouraged the students to pursue their dreams with vigour, with their eyes set on the end goal, which is success.

Event co-ordinator Faven Mergia said “The Village Kitchen is a way to bring together all the different people that have a role in the lives of the youth we work with as well as a way to engage parents with the program and create support systems for one another!”

Troy Scott and Lisa Boles, the principals of Acadia and FRC, respectively, were also visibly present at the event held at the FRC campus.

Sunday Olukoju is a community correspondent for Fort Richmond. You can contact him at sunday.olukoju@gmail.com


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